February 20, 2015


idpinkplaidsweater H&M TREND | pants, clutch & shoes (Truffle) ASOS | jacket H&M

photography & edit by Me, Myself and I

How to combine two hot Spring trends in one garment? Answer: pale pink plaid pants, hha! Aren't they fun?! I've been a devoted fan of all kinds of plaid and check patterns for a looooong time but this super cute and sugary pink shade takes it to a whole new level! Guessing this might be the winning pair of easy-going summer pants this year. Just waiting for those effortless combos with white crop tops and heeled sandals...:)

Btw, some of you might have noticed I've also stepped up my game with my instagram account again, after a rather longish period of silence (and cellphone drama). So, if you haven't already, now's a good time to follow @lamodeouti. See you there peeeeps! :>

February 9, 2015


crop sweater, bag & rings H&M | pants BIK BOK | sandals ADIDAS | shades NINJA

A little throwback to July 2014 along with some unseen shots :)
I really, really miss that time, the feeling I had, certain moments...and of course trotting around in those sandals! Haha. It's kinda sad to think you'll never get those back. You just gotta hope there's a lot more to come and maybe even better ones.

February 8, 2015


sweater H&M TREND | skirt MONKI | boots TAMARIS | hat SEPPÄLÄ | coat H&M
photography by Outi

YAAAYYY, finally managed to get some decent shots by myself, which I'm pretty proud of really. For the last few days, we've had the delight to enjoy of a rare light phenomenon called SUNSHINE, ever heard of that? Haha. But seriously, it's been such a long and exceptionally DARK winter that not only my mind and energy levels but also the blog has suffered from it...But now the days are getting longer and it's beginning to feel like the worst is finally behind us. 
Maybe inspired by this little "Spring awakening", I felt like stepping behind of the lens for the loooongest time. Unfortunately, It started to rain when I was shooting but hey, nothing could stop me now since I'd really got in the groove of it! Of course it's now beautiful and sunny outside and I've got no time to take pics...:P 

But enough of the blabber, here's a look and a silhouette I've been channeling for several times lately; short skirt, high boots and a relaxed, over-sized sweater. Waiting for those warmer days when I get to rock the boots WITHOUT the stockings...Found the sweater from sale and immediately fell in love with the beaded pink birds on it! I looooove the H&M Trend collection for its original pieces like this one. They always have some special detailing or exceptional cut which raises them to a whole another level. :)